Introduction is run by the Center for Microhistorical Research at the Reykjavik Academy in Iceland. This is a website for the various projects about microhistory, including bibliography on published microhistorical works, studies on memory and postmodernism. This website will also include references to recently published monographs and articles with a short introduction about its context. The plan is to add information on upcoming conferences, seminars and meetings. Scholars who are using microhistory in their research are encouraged to add their names to a list, which will be found on the website, of currently active microhistorians with a reference to their own homepage or information relating to their work. Other information is also welcomed on the website, like course syllabi on microhistory, books or articles which are not to be found in the bibliography, or new material on microhistory which individual scholars wish to share with the rest of the world. The plan is to attempt to define what microhistory really is with an ongoing discussions about the concept. All input is welcomed.

Scholars are encouraged to contact the chair, dr. Sigurdur Gylfi Magnusson (, and the co-chair, David Olafsson, with any questions relating to the website. We will be developing it for the next few months and all suggestions are not only welcomed, they are strongly encouraged.

13 November 2012