The Center for Microhistorical Research

The Center for Microhistorical Research is an independent research institute at the Reykjavik Academy ( It has been in the forefront of introducing the use of microhistorical methods in Iceland for the last ten years. The Center for Microhistorical Research has focused on independent research, publications and distribution of microhistorical monographs and articles. The focus has been on different kinds of personal sources which have been collected by manuscript departments around the country for the last 150 years. It has also worked to develop a new methodology and conceptual framework for microhistorical research in the future. The Center has set an agenda to be an important link to the outside world of microhistorians. Its stated goal is to become an alternative for scholarly debates, by bringing together microhistorians from all over the world to explore its strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, it will hopefully emerge as a center for international information about research, teaching, and meetings related to microhistory. The Center will run this international database and this website with the goal to provide information for students and scholars alike who want to know more about the practice of microhistory.

13 November 2012