The Reykjavik Academy

The Reykjavik Academy is an independent research institute that was established in 1997 by young scholars in the humanities and the social sciences. It is the home of 80 scholars who have received their education from all over the world, mostly in Europe and USA. It is open to scholars from abroad as well as Icelanders who need an office space for their research or writing, either permanently or temporarily. The creative and relaxed atmosphere and companionship with writers, artists and scholars of various disciplines makes the Academy a super place to work. It is an alternative research institute which was formed by well educated scholars who have not secured a permanent job within the more established universities or institutions. It is a model which is likely to work in other countries as well, since the international job market has been facing the same dilemma as the Icelandic one. For more information see or contact the manager, Vidar Hreinsson for additional references (

13 November 2012